Totally confused about facebook purchase pixel

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So I have had my pixel running on my shopify store with no problem for longer than 3 months. I did alot Facebook ads during this time. UNTIL today.


A message from Facebook popped up saying at purchase event: 'EVENT ISSUE DETECTED. This event has an issue that may affect the delivery of your ads or quality of your reporting data. Visit Diagnostics in Events Manager to resolve the issue.'.


So I went to Diaganostics in Events Manager and it showed this: Missing valuta and valueparameters Purchase

There are 21 orders I had this months that had an error in this. Facebook didn't read the valuta and value of my purchases.


Also. When I want to launch an add now it says this when I put purchase as conversion (Aankoop in Dutch):ankoop.png

So for today I stopped all my ads. I have no idea how I can fix this problem.


My purchase pixel code in Shopify at  Settings -> Checkout is:  fbq('track', 'Purchase');

I changed this to: fbq('track', 'Purchase', {'value':{{total_price | money_without_currency}}},'currency':'EUR');

BUT this didn't work and Facebook didn't see it as a pixel, it asked me to make one again.


SO then i put it again at fbq('track', 'Purchase');    BUT facebook still shows the same error as in the photo above.


Who can help me with this? I would love to solve this issue so I can put my ads on again and make sales :)








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Same problem here....

Is there any solution?





Hi Joël


Please send your store link, I'll be happy to take a look,

I'm guessing it has something to do with duplicate events, 

as i'm pretty sure you don't need to manually add fbq events to your store, adding your pixel ID at Online Store -> Preferences -> FB Pixel 

should automatically add your pixel with events for Add to cart , Purchase , initiate checkout and any custom conversion you'd like to add, but, could be another issue.


All the best,


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It was global problem by facebook.. they kind of fixed it and are busy fixing it. Thanks for the replies

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if you not use partner integration you face this problem . to avoid this issue you need proper setup purchase event with value variable setup in your event . after that it count value .

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I was having trouble with this too, but I found out the solution: You need to add both the base code and the event code to the script. I'll write out the full steps below: 

Log into Shopify

Select Settings in the bottom left corner

Select Checkout

Scroll to Order processing

In the Additional scripts, paste the following:


<script type="text/javascript" >
//start base code
//initialize the pixel code
fbq('init', 'YOUR PIXEL ID');
//end base code
//purchase pixel code
fbq('track', 'Purchase', {currency: "USD", value: {{ total_price | money_without_currency | remove:',' }} });


That base code is what facebook gives you when you create a pixel. I removed the pageview event, but it doesn't matter. Just replace YOUR PIXEL ID with, you guessed it, your pixel id. 

Why this works: 

Facebook pixels need the base code to work, but for some reason (*cough*cough* sloppy UX and coding) their base template that they instruct you to add the facebook base code to doesn't effect anything on the orders  template(eg the confirmation page after a user successfully completes an order). Their guidance for manual coding for events isn't descriptive either. it just says paste the code. I also saw in my research that shopify uses an external site (not your shop, but another website) for payment gateways so that might be the case too. Whatever it is, making sure you have both the base code and the event code, you should be good to go. 

I hope this helps.