Track Inventory by product, not variant...

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I am trying to find a way to track inventory by product, not variant, that does not include making a separate product listing for each variant. 

For example, I sell boxes and each box comes with a ribbon of the customer's choosing (box A with red ribbon, box A with black ribbon, etc). Each time a customer purchases a box, I need it to come out of inventory. However, the ribbon is infinite. If I set different variants for each of the ribbon colors, I'd like to track inventory for just the box, not the ribbons.


Hey @amandak,

With our app, Merchbees Low Stock Alertyou can track the total inventory of each product. Merchbees sent an email to you when your products' stock below your chosen threshold.

You can set scheduled alerts or receive an alert as soon as an item's inventory level goes below the stock threshold.

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