Track inventory of item, but not its variants

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Man this is really twisting my melon...

I have a jewelry shop and sell, amongst other things, pendants.  I'll use my acorn pendant as an example.  Each pendant has several different variants (colour of chain, length of chain).  I do not want to track the inventory of all the varaints (I have plenty of chains, in all sizes and colours), but only limited amounts of the pendant itself.  So, if for example I have only 2 acorn pendants I do not want Shopify to think I have 2 acorns in every variant, but 2 acorns in total.  

Can't figure out how to do it - seems like it should be pretty easy to implement.

Any ideas?

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hi James,

Alex here, from the Shopify team. 

When it comes to tracking inventory, it's not possible to sync multiple Variant Options into a single inventory count, so we'll need to consider an atlernative solution here. 

You might consider listing the pendant without Variant Types (material and length), and instead getting your customers to select these details with an app integration such as POWr Form Builder. This may require a little manually work on the backend to match the submitted forms to the Order number.

Alternatively, you can explore recruiting a Shopify Expert Shopify Expert to develop a custom API so that everything's automated and integrated. 

I hope this helps to get the ball rolling in the right direction.

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Thanks for your reply Alex

I have nothing but glowing things to say about Shopify but I have to be honest - this strikes me as fairly routine functionality that should not depend on an app to deliver.  Isn't it something Shopify could build in?  I mean, I can't believe I'm the only one who would like to track product rather than variant.

Thanks anyway, and I'll look into your suggestions.  Gonna cost me yet more I guess - too bad.  Really think this is something that the brains at Shopify should look at though.  Just my 5 cents.


- J 

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Hi All,

Just to let you know our App - Shopify Assistant - has the ability to synchonize inventory across variants when an order comes through.

It is a paid App so I understand it isn't something you want to look at @James, but I thought I'd let folks know who come across this thread later that there is an option.

Thanks, Gavin.
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I still can't believe a solution has not been implemented with this. Why not just let the quantities we enter before we add the variants dictate the actual quantities available? Then the variant quantities would just be how many would be available within those quantities. This is hugely frustrating in jewelry where we want to offer custom chains/length for each piece we have, but only have the one piece. Please fix this. :(

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This is also important for the whole personalization industry.   Lets take a mug for example (just to make it easy)  A mug with your photo or a mug with your name is the same 1 mug  I have 10 mugs  that means I have to either assume to sell 5 of each or I have to double my actual inventory to 20.  It makes no sense!    then what happens when I put up a mug with a tree  and a mug with a chicken on it  etc etc (I'm just pulling these designs out of the air I don't actually sell mugs with tree or chicken designs  lol  heck, I barely even sell mugs  but I think it's a widely used product that everyone will recognize as customized)   This is really going to be a bookkeeping and inventory nightmare.


There's got to be a way around this (other than to purchase yet another app) I understand that all you app developers need to make a living, really I do, but with all the things needed in this industry the site will cost it self right out of being profitable.  Shopify really needs to address the fact that the selling arena has changed.  Yeah, 15 years ago there was only a handful of us personalizers out there.  (and we were laughed at btw) now there's millions.   

Maybe shopify should work on a shopify custom platform (that's cost effective)....  I'll help  lol. 

We’re another jewelry shop owner on Shopify that need this function. We have a set number of each color and size ring base, but allow the customer to pick the color guitar string we use when finishing the ring. This is a very basic function that even Etsy has built in. 

Christina and Ian Lacey
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I also need this feature. Was disappointed when I saw this feed and realized it can't be done. I also have a jewelry brand and each peace is unique. But in the necklace's cases, I want the customer to be able to pick the material and length of the chain. But there is only one piece. Also to be able to charge extra for a longer chain. I was sure I had seen it before in Shopify and then the last post reminded me that it was in Etsy where i was able to do it, and really easily. The customer could choose different options without it affecting the inventory count. And you could pick which options had an extra charge. 

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Yep. This is a HUGE limitation to what I do. I am selling pottery, paint, & plant kits. You pick your pottery (the product because they are different price points & styles) & the you pick your color palette, the variant. You do not pick your plants. If I only have one pot left, I can't put that I have one of each palette because I will easily sell all four of those pots. But I can't pick one palette to be in stock because the whole gimmick is you get a choice. I also can't ask people to enter a "note" for an individual item as people sometimes order multiple kits with different color palettes.


At this point, my only option is to monitor my inventory like a hawk, advertise that I have more inventory than I actually have, & then when I get low on inventory, advertise that I have less. What I mean is if I have 20 pots, I need to advertise that I have maybe 5 of each color because I need to keep reserve. Then if one color sells out, I have to increase inventory for that palette & decrease from another. I have to do this until I'm down to 4 pots, at which point I will say I have 1 of each palette. Once that pot is sold, I will have to keep those 3 pots until I have more inventory because I can't pick one palette over another. Does that make sense?


The easy EASY fix I see for Shopify is you can select to enter a SKU for the product OR the variants. When you check the Product SKU box, it blacks out the variant SKUs. Uncheck the box that you want to enter SKUS for variants, & it blacks out the product SKU. It's a simple one or the other option. Just like shipping.


Most of the people I know who use Shopify are artists who customize core products. This should be a basic function & for real, my husbant d did this kind of thing when he was a website developer & he said it's extremely simple. Just do it. Shopify is very expensive (I was actually appalled when I first signed up) so I shouldn't have to keep purchasing apps.

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If customers will be allowed to buy directly from an ecommerce website, then Shoppify is pretty good.

I don’t know a great method for business to business sales plus inventory management. Shoppify could be bastardised but I’m sure there are better solutions out there.