Tracking Fabric use across multiple products

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I've searched around a bit and can't seem to find a solution to this issue so thought i'd pop a question here. I have a Shopify shop which sells hand made clothes. I have exclusive fabrics which these clothes are made in. In my store if you want to buy a dress or leggings or harems for example, you select the size (variable) and the fabric(variable). Is it possible to track the use of the fabric across multiple products. So if i know i have enough of a fabric to make 20 items, and then 10 dresses are sold in this fabric, and 5 leggings, that Shopify can take this into account and know that only 5 more items can be made from this particular fabric. I'm worried about running into issues of either running out of fabric and orders continuing or having to heavily restrict the amount of items available to counter this. 


In each clothing item the fabric variable is named the same so i would have thought it could be tracked through inventory or something similar. Fabric length itself does not need to be tracked as i would be happy for it to be as simple as above - overall number of items available.


Any help would be appreciated!



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I was curious if you ever found a solution for this as I am in a similar situation? 


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This would definitely be a good feature for all the Shopify users, who are running their business on this platform. There can always appear some problems related to the delivery time, and it's always useful to know at which stage of delivery is the product. I wanted to start delivering textile finishing machines, they are of a very high quality and a lot of people working in the textile industry will like them. I hope that the developers of Shopify will find a way to solve this problem, it would be really great to have all this missing information.