Tracking Shipments from Various Suppliers

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I have just launched my store, but am working a few things out before promoting it.

I am using several apps to obtain products and I am curious as to how shipping and tracking works.

I have automated email activated so my customers receive an email with a tracking number and link to follow the order. 

But what happens if different ordered products are from multiple suppliers with different shipping times.

For example, say one vendor has a shipping time of 7-10 days while another has a shipping time of 33-37 days. 

How will emails and tracking be accomplished with my customers? Won't there be various tracking numbers? If so, will those be provided to the customer?

I'm not clear on how that works. Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

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The clearest solution for your specific setup is to make a order for those items and see.


You may need to add them during fulfillment 

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