Tracking inventory purchased from customers?

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I am in the research phase of opening my online store.  I called the sales department at Shopify but I really don't think they were understanding what I want.  I want to run an online consignment-type store where people can send me in their old clothes and I can determine what I want to buy and then show them what I've purchased and how much I've purchased it for.  I then need a feature where I can send them a payment via PayPal for their items.  Is something like this possible with Shopify?

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Hi Heather. Shopify will be great for reselling the the items to your customers. For managing your inventory and related transactions, you will definitely need something else I think. Perhaps this will work for you:

The descriptions I have seen suggest it is helpful in the consignment model. ::: Solid Wood TV Furniture for Enthusiasts. Made in USA.
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Hey Heather,
Did you find a solution for this? I too was also looking to make consignment work with Shopify, and couldn't find a reliable why to do so. So for the past few months we have been working on a product that does just that.
The goal was to build a new and modern consignment software that allows business to decrease cost with tools that saves them time, and increase revenue by making it easier to connect to more sales channels (like Shopify).
You can view our site here:
With the app you will have everything you need to run a consignment model on Shopify.
I would love to chat and help you out, if you do have this problem. You can reach my anytime at: