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Hi All

First time on this Shopify Community. I have a store on Shopify for about 5 years, eight years prior I had a website that was not mobile-friendly. Last week my domain name was removed from my website. Shopify was approached by a company that had the word "anonymous" Trademarked. They are a new clothing company that manufactures its own streetwear brand. Their name is They claim my name confuses their customers when searching for anonymous clothing I come up first with google.

I have invested a great deal of money on SEO, marketing, pay per click, Facebook, Yelp, etc. I come up first because that's the way google analytics works. Shopify unilaterally decided to remove any mention of Anonymous L.A. on its platform. I really am out of answers.

I emailed Shopify of this fact, along with proof of where and how I obtained the name. They tell me I have to work it out with the party involved. which is not even possible. I have been in the clothing business for 39 years, June 1, 2020. I have emailed Shopify no less than five times in writing emails. I can not afford a T.M. attorney.  Does anyone out there have any suggestions?