Traffic but no sales?

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I have created a gentlemen's store online and have only had 1 sale so far (excluding my friends and family who bought stuff from me). I am getting about 30 people a day and I have only had one sale in the past 2 weeks. Any advice? Here is the link:

Thanks for reading!

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I like your site design. I don't see anything esthically wrong. I've been advertising on facebook and receive lots of traffic. I use Kit and have done retargeting. I'm in the same boat. LOTS of looky-loos but 1 sale in 30 days. I've researched Google Trends, adjusted prices based on researching other sites, so I know my costs are competative.

I have customer service Im, wish list, free shipping, and rewards program.  How about adding these?I'm currently researching where to advertise for my niche as well as product types. I can't figure out what I"m missing to get those conversions. 

If you find a decent marketing site that helps conversions, l'd love to hear.

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Do you have Google Analytics installed in your website? If you have one, you can check where the traffic sources are coming from. It might be from internet bots and recording fake and untargeted traffic. When I was starting I couldn't even convert for a week.

Do you have more time? If you do, you can start other online marketing strategies like setting up more social accounts - pinterest and niche social media for men preferrably dudepins and manteresting since your item is for the gentlemen.

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I am also in same boat. We have launched our Bath and Beauty products website and have god amount of clicks from Google. Can someone please advise. Thanks