Transfer a domain away from Shopify

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I am currently nearing the end of a three month free trial with Shopify, and have decided to go with another provider. At the start of my free trial I transferred my third party domain to Shopify (I thought Shopify would suit my needs), and now I need to transfer it to my selected provider. It has been over 60 days. The online documentation instructing how to transfer a domain away from Shopify is not working for me and I can't connect with Shopify support through their Help Centre. Is this because I am still on a free trial and don't have an active account? I tried emailing support ( but the automated response I received just referred me back to the Help Centre, which, in turn, sends me back to the documentation that is not working for me. If anyone knows what I should do I would appreciate the help. This is causing significant impact on my launch and I really need to find a resolution. I have thought of paying for a month, to see if that would give me access to better support options, but that seems silly. I should be able to take my domain and end my free trial without having to buy my way out. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.