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I have created an Estonian website and translated it with "translate my store" to English. Everything is good except I have created blog pages in narrative theme that have a "Featured image" with Estonian text on them (will be shown on each "blog" as also on "blog post" page). I would like to change these pictures to English-Pictures if English version of the website is open. These pictures are not shown anywhere in my translation app. Is there a way to change these in the code? I have uploaded the pictures in files folder but can not find in the code where I could swap them out when English page is displayed.

I would appreciate if anyone has a solution or tutorial for my problem.


Thank you


Hi @Birx 

We’re from the Transcy translate & currency app. We’re here to help you with this

You can simply translate Media/Image with Transcy by using the “Media Translation” feature.

You can see how this feature works:

Transcy Gif.gif

Learn more in our demo store:

You can find out to do it here: tutorial video

Exploring Transcy in Shopify App Store & get help from us:

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Transcy team

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