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This is my first time trying this means of support, so please go gently. Apologies if the query gets the tech wizards rolling their eyes but I don't find the platform massively intuitive (Yes, I am a not an IT specialist). 

With our site, we need to present the site in 2 languages, English and Bulgarian. I am a native English speaker which doesn't help. 

I have tried some of the plug-in translation apps but I get constant complaints from my affiliates and customers that the translation is not very good at all. I have now engaged the services of a professional translator and will soon have a quantity of text that I would like to be able to upload into the relevant sections. I actually have some of the text already and have been banging my head this morning as to how rot make this work. 

My questions are;

Is there a way that I can do this without having an app in place?

Is there a simple way to do this? 

Can I get a step-by-step guide anywhere? Once I get the one section done, I know that I will be ok.