Trouble setting up a discount!

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Hey y'all! I want to do a discount where when the customer buys 1 art print for $15 they can add up to 8 additional prints (same or different image) for only $5 each. I cannot figure out how to set up the discount or products to do this. Any suggestions would be so appreciated! Thank you!!

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Hi There!

I would suggest to use an Automatic Discount as follows (however you can only have one Automatic Discount code active at any time, the issue will be explained below)

  1. Discounts-> Create Discount -> Automatic Discount
  2. Enter the discount name as you like
  3. In "Types" choose "Buy X get Y"
  4. In "Customer Buys" select "Minimum quantity of items", add "1" as Quantity and select "Any Items From" to be "Specific Collection"
  5. Choose the collection that contains all the prints
  6. In "Customer Gets" choose "Any items from" the same collection as above & add your quantity and you discount. 

Now since you can only activate one automatic discount at any moment you will be able to choose one of the following:

Buy 1, Get 1
Buy 1, Get 2
Etc...But not all of them together



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