Trying to reopen a shop that was closed 1+ years ago and not being able to use the same shop name.

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I need some help. I had a shop a few years ago and didn't have enough sales at the time to justify keeping it. I am now doing more sales and wanted to reopen my shop with new logo and updated branding. When I logged in to reopen I can see my personal account, but am unable to reopen my shop under the same business name I had before. I get an error "A store with that name already exists. If you are the owner you can log in here." Fine, I click log in and then get an error that says incorrect store address. Its not, I've put in everything correctly. I've been through technical support and they told me to just name it something else and forward it with a domain because there is no way to make my shop name available again. Once I close it they can't pull it back out for use again. I'm not happy with this as the only means to a solution. Branding is everything in a business. I added shop to the end of my store name for now, but it shows up on the website. Has anyone else had this experience or been able to recover an account once its been closed for an extended period of time?