Turning off UPS shipping option

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Hey folks,

I ship all packages USPS and, though I appreciate that Shopify is now working with UPS, I'm not interested in using that shipping method. In pretty much every case USPS is cheaper (I ship mainly throughout the US) and just as quick. 

I've noticed that Shopify is pushing UPS shipping because even though UPS are more expensive every time and even though UPS doesn't sort to the top of the list of shipping choices (maybe third and fourth) when I go to purchase the label after applying all the package details the inital selection always defaults to UPS and I have to change it to USPS.

Can I just turn off UPS? I'm not interested in it and on at least two occasions I almost purchased a UPS label by mistake because the choice defaulted to UPS, third choice down.

I checked to see if there was an option to turn off UPS but it didn't jump out at me.

Thanks so much; Happy Holidays.


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Was this ever resolved? I am not interested in using UPS either, only USPS.