Tweaking CSV import and order export to show item location

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I'm looking for a way to export my orders showing the consignor and/or location of my goods, which I can then import into Quickbooks. I need this as all of my inventory is on consignment and not actual stock for accounting purposes until it is sold (and then shipped to customer).

Ideally I would import the products to shopify first, and then tweak the order export to match. Any ideas on how I can do this??

I am thinking of using the barcode (but it doesn't get exported on the order csv). I currently use barcode to show the material which my products are made of. 



Hi Dale,

We have an app, EZ Exporter, that may be able to help you with this.  Our app allows you to include additional fields not provided in the default Shopify order export.  We don't export the barcode either, however, but we do have an option to include custom Product Metafields in the export.  So if you have a custom metafield attached to the product for the consignor/location, that can be included in the CSV export via our app. 

We currently offer a 30-day free trial if you wanna try it out to see if it fits your needs:



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Hey Dale9,
Were you able to find a reasonable solution? I also had a similar problem on getting consigners and inventory matched up, and finding a software that makes the consignment model work with Shopify. I eventually got fed up and decided to build it my self.
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