Two Websites - One Domain?

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Here's the scenario.. 

Complex but more from my naivety rather then the tech I think

My business sells in NZ, AU and the US.

I hold inventory in the US and  in NZ & AU, I dropship from my factory in China. I don't hold inventory in NZ & AU simply because I don't have enough cash

The US pricing is considerably cheaper because I sea freight to there so freight costs are much less then the air freight costs that I pay for orders for NZ & AU.

So this means I have two prices for the same product

Am I right in thinking that I need essentially two stores? If so, can I have a starzcom website for the US and another one for down under? Both using and customers sent to their appropriate website via geolocation? 

If there is a better / simpler way then this (if it's indeed possible and practical), please steer me in that direction 

Many thanks in advance  





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@VerdonK ,

Intresting, complex but technically feasible to achieve. Having 2 stores is simple if you are keeping different prices. In this case, you can have US store go to and for AUS/NZ you can create a sub domain ...something like '' and both stores mapped to respective store

In the second scenario, if you want to keep one store( for both then you would need to duplicate products with different pricing and do code customization which works on locale. So main effort will be in customization. 


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