UK Carrier Bag Charge for retailers

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As all UK retailers now have to charge 10p for carrier bags we have a problem that needs a solution.

We do a large number of click & collect orders, which we place into plastic bags and hang on rails, (Over 2000 orders at one point last summer). These are marked with the customer's order number.

By law we now need to charge for all carriers both in store and from C&C orders. So we have two options - based upon Shopify's lack of a solution - which is empty each bag onto the counter when a customer comes to collect if they don't want to pay 10p (most people don't have 10p in their pocket anyway these days).


Charge them 10p for the bags by default - which I cannot work out a method to do.

I cannot find any way either to offer to purchase bag at checkout.

I do not want to make a free service  - C&C - cost by default.