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We sell to both B2C & B2B in the uk and want to expand into Europe. We currently upload pricing to shopify including VAT. As we will be selling to business in europe, we want to be able to sell to them without VAT if a valid VAT number is provided. So I have installed Exemplify, this means that we will now need to upload the prices ex VAT so that VAT will be added for UK and B2C Eu customers. The app will Show the pricing inc & ex vat on the product page.
My question is regarding Google Shopping, we use the official Google shopping app/sales channel. Will this send the pricing to merchant centre ex vat now? Google state all pricing sent to shopping ads must be inc vat.
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Correct all prices must be inclusive VAT.

The app will most likely use the price you set in the product. Prices modified by 3rd party apps will most likely not be used.

So in Shopify > Product > click on your product > the product here or the variant product price is what is used.

If in doubt get in touch with the data feed app support team you use. Not every app is the same and there are hundreds of data feed management tools. All with there unique features.

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