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Hello everyone,

We recently went through a rebrand and our UK website seems to have been de-indexed from Google. We currently have 3 stores - UK, US and EU. All three stores have the same content but the pricing structure is different to reflect the currency pricing we have set. Since we're a UK business, UK acts as our primary location.

The old products, pages and collections have been removed and 301 re-directs were put in place for each link on each store. All 3 websites have had their sitemaps re-submitted after the changes were made. This has somehow de-indexed our UK website, but the US and EU store remains in Google SERPs.

When I check the canonical tags within the HTML they all look correct and point to the correct location. I’ve also reached out to Shopify support and haven’t made any progress. Following the guidelines set out in Google’s support documents I can’t seem to work out why the UK website isn’t visible in SERPs and why it hasn't been restored after following the steps.

Any assistance from the community would be really appreciated.


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Hi @kcvsing 

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I'm sorry for your inconvenience.

Several factors can cause this problem. Have you properly resubmitted your sitemap to Google Search Console?

In most cases, websites that have submitted their sitemaps receive emails when there is a problem. First, check whether or not you have received an email from Google Search Console.

Maybe your website is not appearing in Google's search results because its performance is weaker than before, what do you see when you launch a search with the following exact expression: 




Find below the example of the result of our indexed website:



What is sometimes difficult in rebranding is to maintain the same rank in the search results. If your site is not showing up on Google, it is most likely for one of the following reasons:

  • Your website has been penalized and removed from Google. Verify your domain in Google Search Console and check to see if you receive a notice about receiving a manual penalty.
  • Google no longer considers your site to be "trustworthy" or "relevant" enough to display for the keywords you want to rank for.
  • You’ve blocked the Googlebot crawler in your robots.txt. When your site is being crawled, your store's robots.txt file blocks page content that might otherwise reduce the effectiveness of your SEO strategy by stealing PageRank. Since June 18, 2021, it is possible to modify the robots.txt file of a Shopify store, you may have accidentally modified it. To be sure, you should test your robots.txt with Google robots.txt Tester.
  • You have put a page or the site in "noindex" mode or you have defined another page as the canonical version.
  • There is a technical issue with your site that is preventing Google from crawling and indexing your site.

If you see that the reasons mentioned above are not your case and you do not have an email from Google Search Console, you should ask Google to recrawl your URLs.

Have you moved your website from one domain or subdomain to another? If so you should use the Google Change of Address Tool to migrate your Google Search results from your old site to your new site.

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