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I have set up a Shopify store for the charity I work with selling refurbished computers - I have set up 2 other Shopify sites, so thought I had the swing of it. 

We will only deliver (for free) to a restricted area in the North West of England, I inputted the postcode range and when I preformed tests using postcodes outside the range, I received the 'we do not ship to that address'  notification - so all good

However, we have just made our first sale and it is to the Midlands, the delivery address/ postcode has been accepted and now we will have to deliver, for free, to 160 miles away (at a nearly 3 hour drive or our delivery men) for one product. 

Any ideas why this would or could of happened? I have been back through the settings and tested again, I am not sure why this postcode has gone through? 

I don't have 'accelerated checkout' on the site, so the customer has to manually input all details, unless they are returning customer with an account, so the postcode should have flagged up.