UK storeowners & devs - let's improve shipping options!

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Add me to the list, If iit can be done for Spain and other countries then the system/programming is already available. Surely it is a case of just relabelling? This is a real pain in the butt. Only solution I have found is to create new shipping zones. This is great if you have customers who are prepared to click on the area they live in. But who clicks to pay more? 

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On the way to another year passing and still no fix I see....

I'll have to take this up with them at the next conference :) See how they like answering the question in front of a lot of potential customers.

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Please add me to this list. I am having to pay significantly higher costs for shipping to non-Mainland UK destinations. There must be a way to resolve this without having to use an external app that costs MORE money.

Please update me ASAP

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Please remember to also send feature requests directly to as forum threads are not always direct communication.

Here is a prefilled email link:


Title: Feature Request thread - UK storeowners & devs - let's improve shipping options!

Desciption: Hi Shopify please add my store to the list of stores interested in this features discussed in this post url

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Shocked that this issue has gone on for so long and Shopify have done nothing to fix it. I am already considering moving to a different platform because of this and wish i had known of this issue before i started using Shopify. 

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The option to move to another platform isn't one I can make, my shopify store and till are linked, so if I move I have to find a system that will work with the bricks and mortar till system.

I think part of the issue is that the UK has such a complicated charging system for postage, based on size and weight, something small weighing over a kilo can cost the same as a sack full of feathers.