URL Index/Crawl An App-Generated Page

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Does anybody have experience with getting app-gerated pages to be available to searched by Google, etc

This is the page and it seems like it would be searchable, but I don't think it's being crawled.

I am using "HelpCenter - Build an Attractive FAQs Page — by Vertex LV" and Shopify help gave me no direction and the app noted this:

At a current moment, search engine's can only crawl proxy page url of the app (this case help-center page url /apps/help-center). Shopify platform does not provide any functionality to allow crawling inside content of the proxy page. We have informed Shopify about this issue and will be able to make this feature live as soon as Shopify implements this kind of functionality


App link: https://eoscity.com/helpcenter/

I don't think any of my customers actually will read the FAQs, but I really want this page crawled for SEO

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Hello Brian,

Please check out my Atlas - Help Center app here: https://apps.shopify.com/atlas-help-center

Some of the features are:
- SEO (truly indexable pages)
- Two themes that you can choose from
- The launcher is a "messenger like" widget that shows within all your store pages for quick access.
- Track customer satisfaction and visits for each article

There are other features that you might find useful: edit all the storefront labels, popular articles widget, recently viewed widget, custom CSS for both the store pages and the launcher, custom code (liquid is also possible, integrate with third-party services, for example, you can embed a Mailchimform), advanced editor (support for image upload, embedded videos).