URL Redirects when combining domains that were once separate carts but now onto 1 main cart

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I am hoping someone can help on this question. I understand how redirects work in Shopify, this is no problem. However here is my concern:

I am currently migrating several websites (all separate shopping carts) from Magento to Shopify. I have decided that for one of the websites, I would like to just "add" it to an existing website I have on Shopify. Meaning, I no longer wish it to be a separate cart, but want it to be part of the bigger website I have already developed where both domains will use the same checkout. 

I know how to add the domain and redirect it to the main one, but my concern now is redirects on categories, products etc. that has been built up over the years and if it is possible to redirect these from a different domain. Let me try and break this down better:

example1.com  < main website >

example2.com < URL I would like to redirect to example1.com >


Question: what happens to these URLs as they have been around for years?



So in a nutshell, Can I redirect     example2.com/shirts    to    example1.com/shirts    or can you only start with relative URLs?