USD prices on a Canadian site??

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Quick question for you guys. We are based in Canada but all my supplier transactions are done in US dollars and most of my customers are in the States. Whats the ruling about selling in a different currency, does that send a wrong message to my hometown?

Its funny because Shopifynis based in Canada, but i am billed in USD. In light of our dollar slipping whats best?

looking forward to some good responses.


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Hey, Vaughn!

Savannah here from the Shopify Guru Team. 

I totally see your dilemma here. I just wanted to confirm that as a Canadian Shopify Payments customer, you're able to sell in either CAD or USD without a problem (in case there was any confusion). 

That said, I know that you're question is centred around whether you should. You mentioned that the majority of your market is based in the US and USD is the most widely-accepted currency - both are great reasons to sell in USD. Administratively, I think it may also reduce your workload considering your supplier deals in USD. 

If you do decide to go that route, you may want to consider using an auto currency switcher. That will convert your prices to the same currency of the customer that's browsing your site until checkout (and it may reduce bad feelings from the hometown crowd). I'd recommend this free app from Grizzly or the Auto Currency Switcher from MLveda, which is free as well. 

I'm sure that our merchants and experts can also pass along some great advice, so I'll leave them to it. 

Happy selling!

Savannah | Shopify Guru

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I'm a Canadian shop who prices in USD.  My main reason was to take advantage of selling on Pinterest (which isn't available if you sell in CAD).  You should note though, that if you sell a lot in person and plan on using the Shopify POS card reader, you'll be stuck charging your in-person Canadian customers in USD, which kinda sucks.