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Seems like there's no way to create a shipping manifest in Shopify. Is this true?! This can't be true. Someone please tell me I'm wrong and show me how to create a manifest.

My local post office has just about kicked me out because I'm making them scan each package one by one. They keep asking that I provide a manifest instead and say that there are many other people that ship hundreds of packages a day that use other ecommerce platforms and provide manifests.

Please save me, my local post office workers, and everyone behind me in line at the post office a TON of time and show me how to create a manifest. I beg you!

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I'm having the same issues.  We got tech support for shopify on chat (miracle in itself) and got nowhere.  Shopify offers nothing.  USPS picks up from us every single day and ask us for the same manifest.  I'm thinking of using easyship from the app store for all shipping as the rates are the same as Shopify and I guess it's supposed to work via app.  I'm scratching my head as well as Shopify had NO solutions.

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Wow, yes this is unbelievable. My post office will no longer accept pre-postaged mail without a manifest. I just downloaded Easyship but would so much rather ship through Shopify! For years I didn't want to use Shopify because I couldn't insure my shipments -that is now possible, sadly the shipping part isn't. Please add USPS manifest capability!!!

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Shopify is currently having app to generate USPS Manifests. You can check out this guide to install an app: Please note that only the account owner or staff with all available permissions can install the Shipping Manifests app.

Hope this helps!

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