USPS Shipping method issue

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We have USPS as the selected carrier for our website. In the Shipping method, we show USPS Ground, USPS Priority Mail, and Priority Mail express. Priority and Priority express both show 1 business day with different prices. I have looked up other discussions and going the route of Edit Languages to override the 1 business day is not an option for us as we do want to show the approx. time. Is there a way to change the language just for Priority mail so that it shows what USPS defines as typical times?



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Hi there,


When you guys look at the rates, are you testing using the same location you are located. Maybe that could be why it is showing 1 day for both.  If it is a few states away, the shipping delivery will look normal. I'm not sure if you can change the language to take the estimate time out , but you can check. Just go to sales channel> select the drop down and edit language>checkout & systems.


I hope this helps