USPS Shipping method issue

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We have USPS as the selected carrier for our website. In the Shipping method, we show USPS Ground, USPS Priority Mail, and Priority Mail express. Priority and Priority express both show 1 business day with different prices. I have looked up other discussions and going the route of Edit Languages to override the 1 business day is not an option for us as we do want to show the approx. time. Is there a way to change the language just for Priority mail so that it shows what USPS defines as typical times?

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When you guys look at the rates, are you testing using the same location you are located. Maybe that could be why it is showing 1 day for both.  If it is a few states away, the shipping delivery will look normal. I'm not sure if you can change the language to take the estimate time out , but you can check. Just go to sales channel> select the drop down and edit language>checkout & systems.


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I would like to check if the problem was resolved by changing the location of shipper or by editing the language for Priority Mail. Another solution could have been changing the delivery date altogether for Priority mail. This would only be possible with an app. Hence I am curios. 

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