Unable To Get A Resolution for Payment

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I recently started my shopify shop. It has been wonderful and very easy to navigate so far. However, there was an issue with the routing number for my bank account so I have been unable to get paid. I spoke to over 4 representatives. Had lengthy chats, even tickets sent to the billing department to help me fix the issue. I was told it would take up to 72hours to get a response and I have not heard anything at all. No emails, no updates, no follow up or anything. I understand that due to COVID and social distancing it may be hard to reach someone as the Shopify customer service number is only automated at this time... But i feel it is VERY inconvenient that i havent gotten any resolve for this issue for almost a week. I've sold my product but cannot ship anything or receive payment into my account because I have had no help to correct the issue. Everytime I contact support it's the same song and dance, we will send the issue to billing and they will get intouch. I want to know when will someone reach out to me? it has been more than 72hrs and this is not good cutomer service. It;s just help to fix a common error, 1 simple situation, change the account and routing number and still NO HELP. This is  not acceptable.

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