Unable to Refund Fraudulent Order

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I have three clearly fraudulent orders that went through. Shopify allowed someone to attempt more than ten credit cards to make purchases up to $9,000.

I immediately reported to both Shopify and FBI cybercrimes.

I also immediately tried to cancel the orders, but Shopify is denying the refund because my account is "locked."

What can I do here? I cannot get anyone from Shopify to provide any support. I tried calling and clearly the person was a 3rd party and not a Shopify employee.

I do not want to be in possession of stolen funds.

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Give them to me. I'll use them to combat fraud.

Seriously, tho (I was serious about using them to combat fraud, I was joking about wanting them) I wouldn't expect much in the way of shopify to uphold their responsibilties. They get given multiple opportunities, regularly, and seem to at best respond with templates and inaction.

From context I'm assuming the purchases was made through you/your store, you realised the shadiness and failed to deliver product, and now you wish to return the money to the rightful owner(s)?

It's not publicly distributed or accessible like BTC, but the fiscal industry carries ledgers and leaves paper trails very wide and clear.  Contact your local police, and inform them of the situation - Someone intending on keeping the money would never do this - they are unlikely to be equipped to deal with this, but might have some useful advise, but minimally if this goes sideways later you've record of making the right noises. 

The bank and or card issuer concerned with each fraudulent transfer will more than likely be very interested in what you have to say - this may mean you need to repeat the same story ten times to ten firms, but you going to them first is also not the actions of someone intending on keeping the money. They should be able to track the payment, and reverse it (as you don't actually have any control over these accounts).  They should reverse it regardless, once they realise there has been fraud - making sure the money is still where it was deposited will assist this, and prevent any unplanned debt charges when the $9k dissapears.

I'm curious;
What you selling that hit $9k in 10 transactions?
how did you identify this as fraudulent so rapidly?
did the shipping details differ heavily from the payment details? If so, mind if I have a copy of the delivery details? I'll look into them...  I'm assuming if different I'll be looking towards the fraudster(s) and not the victim(s).