Unable to add DKIM Cname record for 365 email

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We use 365 for email and the domain DNS is controlled by Shopify.

To enable better mail flow from 365 we have to setup all the relevant SPF/DKIM and dmarc policies. This is something i've done many times on our other domains that are held of Fasthosts and Godaddy. SPF and Dmarc are fine, however when i try to add the 2 Cname records i get the following error message.

"unable to add dns record. value must be a valid FQDN"



I know that the syntax is correct, but i can't seem to get anyone at Shopify to even understand the concept of DKIM so reaching out to anyone on here.

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I have a couple clients with same issues. I still cannot get Shopify to correct or respond. Last attempt: I did Chat with "William" and he was to email me a response.

The problem is the "_" underscore character. There mechanism to update Google DNS is poor and will not accept the underscore character "_".

It's a simple fix SHOPIFY. and it IS standard to allow the character in CNAME records. Even if you cant correct your scripts to add the records, you can manually do it. I have 2 clients that need this corrected ASAP, before they drop Shopify and I move to steer others away. 

Please message or email me directly if you have questions.

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I'm also having this issue. Shopify needs to respond immediately so the problem is fixed. I've seen posts from two years ago with the same story. Please help us!