Unable to close the store, "Remove online store" does not work

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We are experiencing the same issues as in these two discussions below:



We first put our website on the Pause and Build plan for $9 USD a month. We kept it like this for some time while we were rebuilding our website on another platform. We finished moving, launched the new website, and put our Shopify website on the Pause plan (no monthly payment). We did this to make sure the new website worked well on the new platform, and to still have a plan B in case it doesn't. After a month on the new platform, we are confident to move on completely and so decided to close our Shopify account for good. However, now we have the issue specified in the discussions linked above - there is no way to login to the admin interface, and that means it is impossible to close the store. As you can see on the image below, there is only a few options available.

Screen Shot 2020-11-24 at 15.33.37 (2).png

It seems that "Remove online store" button was created specifically for situations like ours, when you can no longer login to the admin page. However, the problem is, it just doesn't work! It redirects you to the same page and prompts you to contact support. When you do that, the system asks you to input which store you are doing this for, but since the store is on Pause plan, it does not show up, and so you are led to a general FAQ without means to contact live support.

So is this true then, are we stuck in a limbo? We need to pay a ransom fee to have our Shopify store closed? Or can you actually make "Remove online store" button work? It seems ridiculous that such crucial feature is hidden behind a paywall, and even more ridiculous that there is no guarantee that the payment will be refunded if we do make it just to close the store.


Please let us know how to proceed. Thank you in advance.

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Hey, @BorisPolyakov!

Thank you for bringing this up, as you're right, this has been a recurring question, so I'm happy to provide some context behind the issue and the next steps we can take. The "Full Pause" plan was introduced as a COVID-19 relief measure to allow merchants to keep their account "active" while not needing to pay for the monthly subscription fee for three months. In order to reactivate the account, it does require that you select a plan in order to access your admin. If you do not reactivate it within three months, then the account automatically reactivates on the "Pause and Build" plan for $9/month. The "Remove Online Store" option you're seeing does not close your account but does remove the "Online Store Sales Channel" (your website) which would move you down to the "Lite" plan for $9/month. I can see how the terminology would be confusing and is something I have raised with our Billing team. 

While I can appreciate your viewpoint on this, I do think there might be a misunderstanding on the intended use of the feature as we are not in any way trying to force merchants to pay to close their accounts. If you are needing to close your account while it is on the full pause plan, then reaching out to Support is the step you'd need to take to achieve this as it will require an escalation to our Accounts team for further review. Once our Accounts team has fully verified your store, they will help with processing the closure, free of charge. 

In order to help with the closure of your store, I will need to verify it via email which is why I have sent you an email titled "Shopify Forum Support" - If you can reply to that email with the requested information then I can ensure the ticket is escalated to our Accounts team for further review. 

Peter | Social Care @ Shopify
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Hi Peter,


Thank you. I have replied to your email.