Unable to upload Shopify Warehouse Theme

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I purchased the warehouse theme under our dev store. 

I made edits to the theme through the customize section. This includes uploading pictures, color changes, etc. These would be changes that anyone would do. 

I then downloaded the theme, and attempted to upload it to our other store under the same shopify account email. 

After about 30 minutes of trying to upload this zip file, I get this message "Not all files could be created. Remove the theme and try again. Contact support if the issue continues." 

I have tried clearing cookies and Cache, and this did not fix the error. 

I am also unable to upload this zip file to the same dev site where it is currently being housed on. 


I spent a solid hour on a chat with customer support and I am still unable to get this zip file to upload onto our main store front. 


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. 

Best Regards, 

Grant C.