Unbelievably shocked by Shopify's action

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I've opened a store two weeks ago with Shopify. I've spent a lot of energy and cash designing and developing the store. We were in a good shape last week, so we started spending good amount of cash with Facebook ads to scale. Last Thursday night, I've went to sleep running three campaigns on FB ads with $300 budget and everything was looking fine but things got super ugly when I woke up, my store totally disappeared without even a single notice from Shopify and because of this, I didn't get any results out of the FB ads, so I had to stop the ads from running straight away. I've tried to log in to my account and found out that my Shopify account is also gone. So I managed to contact Shopify customer support and no one could access or find any information of my store for a few hours which was like everything just disappeared. After talking to the customer support for hours, they've managed to access my account and then they told me that my store is being reviewed by Shopify's Risk Operations Team and an Analyst will reach out to me in the next 48-72 hours. I was really disappointed by the unprofessional action and I had no choice but to accept it. It's been a week now and I have not heard anything, literally anything back from anyone. I've contacted the live support a few times after 72 hours and every time it takes at least an hour to locate my shopify account by the customer support because they literally erased everything even from their database. Until now, I have not heard back literally anything about my store which got vanished by Shopify. At least they could have gave me a notice a few hours before vanishing my store then I wouldn't spend money on ads to send to 404 error page.

Overall what I have learned from this is that Shopify does not value your money.

Store URL: theposturebeast.myshopify.com