Update existing product images via import CSV

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I have the rather arduous task of importing thousands of products into Shopify. The only problem I have is some products have one image, and others have two or three images.


i tried going through to add the image beneath the last one, but with this many products, it'd take days!

I'm wondering if I could import all products with just the one image and then in a new import, import the other products with the second image and then the third, with it updating these products with the new images rather than overwriting the previously imported product image.


Also, does is this how I would also have to import products with multiple variation values? E.g, Colour: Red, Green, Blue. Or would they be able to go in one cell.

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That's exactly what you can do with the Bulk Import Export Update with Excel app.

You basically do it by the following steps:

  1. Do the Export to Excel file
  2. Remove columns, which you don't want to update
  3. Update the images for your products in that file (or any other fields)
  4. Import that file back - it will update those images (or other fields).

If you have super many images on your local disk, which you need to get to those Products (or Collections), you can use the Enterprise plan: you get bulk FTP upload of those images, which appear as public links with predictable names of the image files. You can use those links to create links to images in the import file.



Excelify.io | Bulk Import Export Update Migrate | https://excelify.io
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Now it is possible to update images putting their URLs in the same row and separating with semicolon. Here is tutorial on how to do that: https://excelify.io/category/tutorials/



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Thanks for the tutorial, Jelena! Note that these instructions apply to the Excelify App, not to the built-in Shopify CSV Import

For those looking at this, here is a direct link to the tutorial about adding multiple images in a single import CSV line (Jelena's link didn't go directly to the tutorial): https://excelify.io/2017/10/30/import-several-product-images-from-one-row/

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