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I am getting the following message when I log in to my admin page

"To continue receiving payouts, you need to update your name in order to verify your identity."

With a button next to it that says "Update personal details"

When I click the button it takes me to a page where I can update my name.

My name has not changed so I don't know how to fix this problem.


Any insight on this would be much appreciated, thank you!


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I'm also getting the same notification.

It doesn't make any sense. What's going on Shopify?

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Just got the same message in the admin page. With the button that takes me to page to update my name.

"Your name did not match the photo id submitted. To continue receiving payouts, update your name to match the credentials of the photo ID."

I was never asked to submit any form of ID/Documents before hand and store has been open for over a year now, without any issues. So I am not quite sure how my name doesn't match something I never submitted.

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We received the exact same message about an hour ago and have just been chatting with a guru who has contacted the Payments Team to look into it.

Since everyone seems to have received this message on their dashboard/admin pages around the same time tonight, we are really hoping it's an error or a bug of some kind.

Here's hoping- let's keep each other updated on this one!!


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I'm getting the same error message. I've never given them a photo ID so no clue what's going on. Pretty creepy.

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getting the same message here

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I'm getting the same message. I contacted support, but the guy was largely clueless. He said they're looking into it of course, but he didn't even know that this was a recurring issue with multiple people right now. 

I've been operating for years on shopify without an issue with "identity" on any of my 3 stores. I'm wondering if this is an issue with more successful established stores, because my newer shop has not been hit with this error, only my two more successful and established stores have been struct with this scary threatening banner. Coincidence? 

Hopefully it's resolved soon, and no action is actually required on our end. 

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I'm in the same boat. I do not recall ever uploading my ID, and now it is telling me my name does not match my photo ID? 

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Hi, I have been using Shopify since 2017 and have never had an issue with payments, but today I receive a banner on my store that says 'To continue receiving payouts, you need to update your name in order to verify your identity.'

When I click on 'Update Personal Details' it takes me to a textbox with the correct name... meaning I have already entered the correct name years ago.

In addition I am unable to find anywhere on entire website or phone app to change my name, or to upload a photo ID.

Is this an error with Shopify? It seems very odd that all of a sudden everyone has had their payments paused.


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I’m experiencing the same issue here! I was so scared and couldn’t find a solution to make the message go away. It must be a bug because they Shopify admin has been crashing and under a lot of construction the past few days. Hopefully this gets resolved!