Updating stock quantity based on specific variant?

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Hello everyone,


I am very sorry if this is the wrong place to post such a question, I am new to Shopify. 

I am trying to open my first store, which I think is well on the way. 


I ran into a problem with a few of my products that I make (on demand) with several variants. 

It is a specific variant (color) of the item that should control and update the stock inventory. As it is by default there is a quantity associated with every single variant option combination.


Even in my ears it needs context, so here it is:


I have different fabrics. Some of them are the same print (which is why I have made color a variant and not a different product), but have different colors. When a customer purchases I make the item based on the size, form and color they want. Essentially it is therefore the amount of fabric that I have in that color which decides the stock quantity. 

If a customer buys an item in green, I would like it to update (decrease) all the different green variant options to the new stock quantity.


I have a good understanding of systems and code, therefore more technical answers are also welcome!

I am using Debut theme.


Thank you all very much in advance!


Giving this a bump because I have the same question.