Upgrade from Pro to Unlimited or Not?

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Is real-time carrier shipping worth it?

My client wants me to recommend whether it should upgrade from Shopify Pro to Unlimited so it can show real-time shipping rates.  It believes that not having this displayed may be causing cart abandons (because he received an email from a possible customer who didn’t like the shipping rate he was quoted).  I, on the other hand, want to send a quick survey to all those who have recently abandoned their carts to understand more clearly what’s truly driving the cart abandon behavior.  I believe it’s more likely that the shipping costs are too high relative to the purchase price, rather than the shipping costs being inaccurate.

Ultimately, I’m trying to determine if it’s worth it for my client to spend an extra $100 per month.    I seriously doubt the company would use the advanced reporting feature that also comes with the upgraded plan.

Thanks for any advice you may offer!