Upgrade from shopify basic pricing plan to shopify plus

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It is possible to upgrade an already created shop ( using the basic pricing plan), to shopify plus?

The upgrade will involve develop all over againg the shop or I can continue developing the current shop but with the shopify plus features?


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Even if isn't possible there are still tools to migrate data between shopify stores.

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Hi @GabrielaS !

It is totally possible to upgrade from the basic pricing plan of Shopify to Shopify plus as long as you can cover the fee. Shopify Plus is meant for high-volume business with the fee starts at $2000 per month - clearly not a comfortable price. 

Therefore, I recommend you consider other pricing plans of Shopify such as the Advanced Shopify which starts at $299/month.

Anyway, if you still want to upgrade to Shopify Plus, you only need to contact the Shopify Plus team by filling the form and they will give you all the detailed instructions.

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