Uploading 1000's of images

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I've been trying to upload 9000+ SKU's for more than two days now

I haven't done this in a while, i know the last time I was able to upload in bulk easily now everythings backwards

I used to upload images to photobucket then link from them in my csv files , now photobucket doesn't work anymore, I learned that the hard way after upload more than 9000 images

Now I'm re-uploading all 9000+ images to my ftp server and who knows maybe it will work this time,

Anyone here found a decent solution to this? it just doesn't make sense how Shopify charges extra fees for stores with a large number of items and at the same time has no proper support for uploading in bulk?!

A serious ripoff if you ask me, If someone here can recommend a better online service please let me know , ive just about had it with this

thanks in advance

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You need to upload your images somewhere where Shopify can access the image via a url. Then you reference that url in a product import file. Here are instructions: https://docs.shopify.com/support/your-store/products/how-do-i-add-multiple-images-to-products-in-csv

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It's rubbish and most other e-commerce software handles this with ease. Here's some of the issues I've been facing and will soon have to resort to loading products 1 by 1. All the investment Shopify is getting doesn't seem to be going in to the product.

* Loading multiple images always has a problem, eg. 40 out of 80 work and then if it's a new product it doesn't create any of the product if there's the slightest of error in format (why not set up 90% of what's right?). So then you have to pick through and find line by line which products didn't import and try and correct each slight error.

* Multiple images? Good luck. Again if it a new product and doesn't have the exact format, Shopify stops products from being set up at all. The solution for multiple images is manually go in to the file store, load 1 by 1 then manually go back in to your .csv and then add the Shopify specfic CDN URL? Whaaaat? Again any other competitve products can tell that in the image column when sorted by comma or semi colon there are multiple images for the product. 

So a lot of the issues I think with large uploads are due to some of these types of exact data requirements by Shopify. Do you have multiple images by chance, seperated by a comma?