Uploading image(s) to multiple products in one go!

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I built a product which allows you to upload image(s) to multiple products via a collection in one go!

Suppose you wanted to add 2 images to 1000's of products in a collection, you could do it basically this way:

1. Upload the 2 images from your computer to Dropzone.

2. Drag n drop the images to the collection you choose. This will copy the image(s) to all products in the collection in the background.

3. Once the background changes are over, you can sync the changes to your Shopify store.


Thought this will be useful as currently if you want to move image(s) to multiple products - the only way is to do it manually by going to each products and uploading images one by one (or) doing it via CSVs but getting all the images for each product in the CSV could take a while too.

Really early days, and would love some feedback if you have time to use the app.

Looking to improve. Feedback appreciated: https://apps.shopify.com/dropzone-1

Many thanks,