Uploading products to Facebook

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Hello everyone,


I just finished uploading and publishing my website, the adres is:   http://dutchcomliving.com/

Everything is working well so far and i have made a Facebook page for my marketing, which is:  https://www.facebook.com/DutchcomLiving-116089709802848/


But now i am having problems linking my Shopify products to my Facebook. (Using Oberlo for products)
I made a seperate collection for Facebook and tried publishing it but i got a error message for every single product.
*Product detail issues.
*Facebook requires specific product details. Edit these products to publish them to your Facebook Shop.
Then when i go to issues to see what is wrong i see this on every product:
*Can not be published. Please contact Facebook for more information.

This is how it looks: Naamloos.png



I also tried uploading my products through Flexify which also didn't work, during the upload process i would only get a error message saying:  ''non-supporting XML feed format''   ''no items detected in the specified XML feed''


Anyone got any suggestions?

Thanks a lot,




Hi Dave, have you reached out to Facebook directly to see why they disapproved the products?

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No i haven't since i have no idea how to contact them in the first place.

My website got blocked first, that problem is solved now but that was because of my own effort, not because Facebook was replying to my messages.

I also tried contacting them through the support page back then but they didn't reply to that either.

So my experience with contacting Facebook hasn't really been that pleasant.


But if you know a email adress where i can contact them and get a reply that would help me out a lot.



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I have exactly the same problem. All these products used to be ok to list then our URL got blocked and since they released the URL we can only upload 10% of our product range. Strange thing is our USA website uses exactly teh same products but we can upload 85% there! Facebook really is the worst & there is zero support.


If you find a solution please let me know as i have wasted hours trying to figure out the issue.




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I have the same problem, shopify just ask me to contact facebook, but there is no clue to contact facebook in Hong Kong. Seems the monkey isn't assigned and still sticking on my back.