Uploading thousand products via csv doesn't seem to work when you have an image url

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Hi Shopify Team,

I am trying to upload thousand of our products via csv. I have my image url already in place. I used dropbox as my repository and just copied each of my image link and put it in the csv file. The same link also I used on our other e-commerce website like amazon and e-bay. When I imported my csv file, not a single product was successfully uploaded. But when I imported the csv file without the image link on each of my product, it went successful. Now, I tried to update the image of a product manualy by adding media from URL, none my url was accepted. I even tried using google drive microsoft one-drive but still not successful. Can somebody help me check what seems to be the issue?

Here are some examples of my link.




These same links I used in amazon and e-bay and they were both accepted.

Thanks in advance.

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I know it doesn't work using dropbox links, probably the same for google drive links.

If you don't have a server to host images, you could use Shopify (either by right clicking your product image from your site and selecting "copy image address", or if your images aren't on your site, go to the Files section in Settings and upload there, that will put them on your Shopify server where you can link to).

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Check out BucketLynx.com.

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