Upsell App

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Hi All,

I'm looking for an Upsell functionality in my side cart. When someone adds products, I want the app to be able to read the price of the cart and suggest an upsell or upgrade based on that. Basically, if someone has $50 worth of items in their cart, I want there to be a note in the side cart itself that says something like "Add this item to get free shipping" and the product suggested should be one that will actually help you get over the threshold to free shipping. Also, there could be a scenario in which someone adds X & Y product to their cart, but we suggest buying Product Z instead, which is a pack that includes X & Y, plus one more product. In this case, the two products (X&Y) would have to be replaced with Product Z, and be removed from the cart. 

I'm okay with either of these functionalities (or both). Does anyone know how I can achieve this?