Urgent! - My Shopify Store is Unavailable.

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This is Tim from Favparcel.com (pixelhk.myshopify.com). I'm writing for appealing our shopify store. Our store is showing to be unavilable just now for no reason provided. I tried to reach your 24/7 support but it doesn' t provide me that choice because my store is not shown below my account.

We're always dedicated to provide best-qualited products and services for our customers and we established this platform on Shopify this Semptember. We always follow the rules and policies and everybody in our team tried their best to decorate, plan and promote our website. After the 2-month learning and hard working, it finally gets some conversions. We have 5 sucessful orders yesterday which are still waiting to be fulfilled. The economic, energy, and even reputation loss are the reasons why we can't accept this result.

It is really urgent for us because it is suddently "unavailable" right now. We think we absolutely need a reason why did this happen right now.

Please reply ASAP if you can see this message. We'll be really appreciate if you can deal with and give us the reasons why this happened.

My email: tim@favparcel.com We're looking forward to your response!


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Having the same problem! This is impacting our ability to conduct business and provide for our customers. Please help!