Urgent! | Why is the price shown like this to some customers?

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Hello dear developers!

Very straight forward, apparently to some customers the price is shown like this (check photo). The correct format would be for example CHF 20.40 but as you can see, it displays the very first product as 2040 which is very incorrect and confusing. The same for the next one, it should be CHF 42.50 and not 4250.

For me it's showing fine, but I have a 1gbit internet connection, and I have a feeling that slow internet speed might be causing this problem. If THAT is the case, any advice on how to solve this? Or at least where I would have to look for the problem?

The website is: donativini.ch

Any help is highly appreciated - thank you.


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SHould not happen but looks like the currency format is not properly set. Did anyone touch the code recently?

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Here's how I would approach the problem:

1) Since it only happens sometimes (didn't happen for me, I saw the CHF), nail down the exact scenario to reproduce the bug, then you can set up that environment and debug. Start by asking the customers that have the problem (where they're located, what page they visited exactly, anything weird they noticed).

2) If you're using a multi-currency app / feature, test that.

3) Use a VPN (I like ExpressVPN) to test logging into your store from different locations to see what different people see.

My guess is that it's something with language or currency translation.

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Hello Joes,

Thank you very much for your reply. I will try this for sure :)!

Best regards,