Use Test Credit Card to authorize a payment at our dev store which is test-mode enabled but get 500

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In the sandbox environment, we have two testing paths now. One was successful and the other got a failure with 500 errors.
  • Success case
We sent two requests to Shopify.
1. Get payment session id request. We composed and sent a request to with the testing fake card 4242424242424242
 and successfully got a session_id.
2. Make a payment auth call with the returned session id. The request is something like below with a proper store header.
It's successfully executed.
  • Failed case
There are still two requests involved.
1. Forward a fake card to Shopify. We sent a request to Braintree to ask Braintree to forward a card vaulted in Braintree to Shopify. The request from Braintree to Shopify is still hitting The card we vaulted in Braintree before and used to forward was still the fake one 4242424242424242
This request was always succeeded and we successfully got a session_id.
2. It's exactly the same as the step 2 in the above success case. However, we got a response with a 500 error, but no more details.
Comparing these two cases, the payment transactions both happened on a Shopify sandbox side. I don't get why a braintree fake card number is related or why it's supposed to work in Shopify sandbox but the 4242 one won't (we also tried a test card provided by Braintree but it doesn't work either). I suspect it's not about the card number. There might be some other issues that we have no clue. We will really appreciate it if someone in Shopify can take a look at the exact logs of the failed requests, and understand why it's a 500 error. In general, even if the session_id may not be valid, we should expect some 400 errors (invalid request.)