Using Shopify Blog feature to Affiliate Market

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I've recently started a shopify shop with okay success. Not seeing huge numbers but there's a learning curve and i'm getting the hang of it. 

However, I was curious about the blog posts on shopify. Is it possible to SEO them to be as effective as a word press website for Affliate Marketing? 

I was thinking about getting into Affliate marketing but since my store already has a blog function + its in the niche I was thinking about getting into, I was thinking about just using what i already have. But I'm a bit foggy on the technical details and wanted to know if there'd be any variables stopping it from being as effective as a dedicated wordpress blog.

Might be a noobie question, but Thanks for answering in advance!

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Shopify is built to be SEO friendly, and I haven't seen anything to suggest that it would be worse at SEO than a Wordpress site. I think sticking with the site you have for blogging would be a good idea, provided you can come up with relevant topics. Blogging is great for getting ranked by Google. 

Maurice Fawcett | Principal - Fawcett Communications