Using Shopify as a CMS

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Hi guys,

I usually build sites on Perch CMS - it gives a lot of room for bespoke designs, and is fairly user-accessible.

However, I'm trying to integrate Shopify and the ecommerce functionality that it brings into a few sites at the moment, at as it's becoming more and more of a trend I'm going to need to find a good solution for a bespoke site that can handle pages (and general content), as well as e-commerce.

I've tried using a Shopify Lite Plan with a Buy SDK implentation, which worked for a time but it means that my clients can't make use of any apps that sit on the front-end (like an "email me when back in stock" kind of thing), which is obviously an issue.

Is there a better solution? Shopify doesn't really seem built with Pages in mind, given that there is very little we can really do field-wise with the standard "Edit Page" screen. I'd rather avoid having to use apps on every site to handle Pages, and I'd like to maintain as much ease-of-use as possible as not all clients are overly technical.

Anybody have any advice?



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Have you looked into using Gatbsy?