Using Shopify as a branded info website first, ecommerce store second. Examples?

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Hi, while it may seem counter-intuitive, I'm interested in using Shopify as a branded info website first and an ecommerce store second. The reason is I'd like to share more information about my company and brand and deliver education based content with articles and on the blog. The business is more of a B2B distributor with an ecommerce component. I want to build my brand with text content, not with the products.


I've been looking at the existing free and paid Shopify themes as well as tons of examples of stores online and most of it is designed to feature a product front and center, all are light on the brand building and most have too much white space, too high a banner image, etc.... (yes, of course they do....haha)


I am thinking more or less of trying to make the Shopify store look more or less like a marketing agency site or a corporate website, and yes, this is so 5 years ago, and yes, I can do this with a Wordpress theme with the Shopify cart plugin... but I'd like to try to make this on Shopify.


Question - can you share links to any existing shopify sites that are like this? or themes that could be used to showcare pages, blogs, etc... first and product second? And without making the audience scroll too much?


Most busy business people don't want to scroll to much and hunt around a page for information.


Thanks in advance for your suggestions.