Using Shopify for charity website

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Hello Shopify fans!

I've been using Shopify for some commercial websites, but I've recently joined the board of a local charity and they have asked me to help them to develop their website.

I was going to use something standard, but then I thought what about Shopify?

Am I completely mad? It strikes me that with its apps and dynamism, Shopify would be ideal as we attempt to build the charity's brand, promote engagement and initiate fundraising efforts…

Are there any other charities using Shopify that I can point to as a reference? I've done some googling, and Shopify has some pages promoting their not-for-profit services, but the details are scant.

Would love some advice from the community!

Best wishes, Jonathan

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I'm designing a digital marketing campaign for a charity in Exeter, UK ( ~ check it out and support their cause ! ~

Did you end up using Shopify? I thought the same, with all the apps available and access to 80,000 in the community it's a good place for people to learn the basics of web development. 

If you had any revelations I'd be interested to hear! And what's the charity you're working with if you don't mind me checking out the site?

Thanks in advance!