Using a iPad Pro to build a store

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I just purchased a iPad Pro 2020 with magic keyboard and was wondering if anyone out there has used it to build a Shopify store from scratch? I’m not a web developer so I’ll probably just use the Shopify themes. And I’m assuming it’s best to use desktop view in safari instead of the Shopify app. I prefer iPad iOS and the features of iPad over a MacBook. I suspect most would say MacBook is better than an iPad for building a shopify store.  But I can’t afford to own both. 

  If you have built a shopify store from an iPad Pro...was there any limitations? Or was it a similar experience as using a laptop.

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I don't have any personal experience building a Shopify site using an iPad, but I can say that Shopify did a fantastic job making their site builder / theme editor very responsive to different device sizes. I just tried it on my tiny old iPhone, and it worked great. You should go for it!


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You can do a lot using an iPad pro but I have found most apps (if you use them) do not work due to a cookies/browser issue (at least that is the error) I’ve tried using Safari, Chrome & FireFox as well as allowing cookies, allowing pop ups etc. 

I would love to hear if someone else figured this out but it’s the one thing I have to do on my Mac. Fortunately I only use a couple (reviews being one) so it’s not that big of a deal.